Summerative Entry: Shakespeare and Rennaissance Literature

Shakespeare and Rennaisance Literature has been the highlight of my semester. From the dramatic betrayals of Antony and Cleopatra to the comical songs of The Tempest I have been enraptured! I’ve been exposed to plays and poems I had not read before! And as to the ones that I had read, I found my opinions and views regarding them changed and swayed by the course. My own writing has matured greatly through this study, and through my blogging.

I have always loved Shakespeare, however this course truely ignited my passion for his works. Furthermore this course has shown me more than I had previously known about the conext of Shakespeare, and the texts that influenced and surrounded him. This has given me a greater understanding of his texts and has helped me understand the man behind them. On a more personal note, this unit has been amazing for me. The blog has been good for my writing, and has given me so much more confident in my writng.

Overall, this has been a rewarding, and interesting time, and I thank all those who shared it with me.