What is beauty?

Write a paragraph that describes vividly three of things that for you fall in the category of BEAUTY. In other words, say what for you is BEAUTY. (This topic of course relates closely to Shakespeare’s ideas in his sonnet 65).

Beauty is the flush in my love’s face when I touch their hair, the sweet pink that creeps across their cheeks and drowns their little freckles. The heat in their face that makes their eyelids dip, and their heart tap a fast beat against the cage of their chest, a quick thrum I can feel with my fingertips resting gently on the juncture of neck and shoulder.

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A Worthy Choice!

You are Bottom. In your own words tell the world what you are like, how you like performing, directing and…. encountering the queen of fairies……

My dear readers, allow me to enchant you with a tale of great fortune! One wherein a man gets all he deserves and yet all he fears. A dramatic tale of love, loss, and passion!
“The name of our hero! What is his name?” I hear you cry. Well, wait no longer, for our star arises, and his name is Bottom.

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Love is a game, but she’s playing chess, and he’s playing blackjack.

On my first blog I recieved a peer review which discussed the potential for this scene to be written from Antony’s point of view, and as there are no formal topics for this week, I thought I would challenge myself a bit! I don’t really like Antony too much and I find it much more difficult writing the character being manipulated than the manaipulator, so bear with me if its bad!

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Love is a game and she always wins.

Act 1 scene 3 of Antony Cleopatra dramatizes a couple in the throes of a domestic argument about allegiances. Try to create a short dramatic scene (in the form of a short drama extract) that captures some of the energy that might fly around in a modern version of this scene.

Ahahah…. short….

Cleopatra. Iconic model. Fashion superstar. Social Influencer. Monumentally pissed off. Her shrill screams rang through the halls of her Beverly Hills mansion. She burst through the doors to her bedroom, red faced and sharp eyed, followed closely by her assistant, Alexis, and Charlie, her best friend and ex-lover.  

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