Peer Review 7

Response to Joshua

Joshua- I found your ideas regarding the light in the Orange Tree interesting, as regardless of my analysis of it, I never considered there might be a higher meaning to it. I found that my own view of the poem was one quite smiliar to yours however- one of seeing, versus experiencing. I would really have enjoyed to see a bit more about your interpretation of the little girls jouney within the poem!


Peer Review 6

Response to Jaye

Jaye- I really enjoyed your description of Syb’s words- they seemed like modern sentiments to me too! Her passion, and in turn his apathy, was (in my view) a very stereotypical representation of relationships between men and women, and a stereotype that has not changed. However I agree with you- I believe that Franklin seeks to portray his characters as people beyond their gender stereotypes and that simple communication is the way to help each character.

Peer Review 5

Response to Tara

Tara- Your description of cicada-song is excellent, and I enjoyed the imagery of them harkening the beginning of summer, as birdsong might announce spring. Personally I found the rhythm of your poem quite jarring, however I enjoyed it as it mimicks the abrupt sound of cicadas chirping. If I were to critique one thing it would be that a few of your rhymes seem quite forced (season, reason) but other than that I’m really enjoyign your writing!

Peer Review 4

Response to Kim

Kim- Personally I found the ending of the novel quite pessimistic, however I found it refreshingly real. This being said, after reading your blog I am considering reading it again with your interpratation in mind. Your optmism in Bobby being reunited with Noongar culture as a whole was something I had never considered, as I made the (very western) mistake of thinking of Bobby as an individual, not a part of a whole. I was intrigued by your blog and hope to read more!

Peer Review 2


Response to Christella

Christella – I described a beach in my blog too! I find them to be immensely calming and yet so full of life at the same time that the contrast is overwhelming. Your rich description of Boracay is amazing, and makes me feel as though I have been there. I think you could make this better by showing emotion, rather than telling (e.g. “you feel at ease” could be better represented as “Your shoulders relax as the calming sounds of the sea rushes over you” etc) I hope to read more from you!

Peer Review 1

Response to Julie

Julie- I really liked your description of your parents bedroom! Your description of experiencing conncection with your parents through experiencing the things they experienced is really well done, and allows me great insight as to your childhood mindset! My only concern would jus tbe for you to double check your grammar, and take care than your sentences dont drag on too much.