Summative Entry

American Literature has been a wild ride. From the richly descriptive natural scenes of the Native Americans to the wild and disruptive work of the Beat Generation I have found myself stunned and surprised at every corner. I have been exposed to so many new writing styles and authors that I can scarce remember all their names, however their words will stay with me long after the conclusion of this unit. My own writing has grown and matured though the study of these authors, and through regular writing both creatively and critically.

A more personal response is required for this unit however. I am easily distracted. I find things boring easily, and do not connect well with texts I do not immediately enjoy. This can be beneficial, as when I do connect to a text, I immediately absorb the information, and enthusiastically look for more, however it remains a hinderance in the texts that are more ponderous to read. For this reason I found this blog extremely helpful in expanding my literary boundaries- I was forced to study such a wide range of texts that I would have otherwise discarded out of disinterest. Do not mistake my tone here- as I, so often, have done with the texts I have commented on. I am extremely grateful for this task. This sustained effort has revealed much to me about my own abilities that I never would have realised before.

Overall, this has been the most rewarding, and interesting time of my university experience, and I thank all those who shared it with me.