Wear your rose coloured glasses

Using any one of Faulkner’s 15 character voices as a guide, create a paragraph in the voice of a character totally different to yourself.

Today is a red day. Mama says I wear red glasses, but she doesn’t understand. It’s not the lens of a glass that colours my vision and turns everything to fire. Its the lens in my eye. Red is as familiar to me as my mothers face. Or her tears.

Somebody is looking at me. I can feel their stare boring into my back, baring my bones and exposing my organs. I glare back. The boy is younger than me, smaller, and his eyes go wide when he sees the coals smouldering behind mine. Dumbass.

The bus stops and I leave. The boy mutters thanks as he passes the bus driver. I walk up red streets, and every eye that looks at me is bleeding malice. I am bleeding malice. Today is a red day.

Sometimes the days are only pink, and I might hug my sister, or say sorry to my dad. But today is red, and I’ll destroy anybody who touches me. My skin is electric, I feel every brush of wind, and every small insect that lands on it.

My muscles ache from being clenched. Red bleeds into my body, straining every organ, every muscle, every tendon. My body aches and I wish I could lie down. But I can’t. Today is a red day.


We bring on our own hellfire

Take a line from either Lowell or Frost and build your own poem trying, where possible, to imitate the style of the poet chosen

Some say the world will end in fire
I say not.
As despite our tempting of nature’s ire
Our world will end as we require.
We, humanity, too strong to kill,
Too stupid to be struck
by natures will,
Shall turn our own luck.

Unlikely Companians

Imagine you are hitching a ride with Huck and Jim. Write a paragraph describing the setting and the atmosphere of what it is like to be with these two runaways.

Ever since I got on this raft I’ve felt ill at ease. Huck and Jim, though kind as can be to me, are odd companions. When I first hitched a ride with them I thought them as close as brothers, Jim was almost fatherly to Huck, however now I am not so sure. It is Huck who concerns me. He seems to lord his status above Jim, despite being born from the dregs of white society. His dirty skin is more ash than milk, however he seems to draw a grotesque confidence from it, and this confidence both spurs him and shames him. For Jim’s part he seems ill disposed to fight back, despite Huck’s boistrous and impish nature. He does not seem to hold any of Huck’s japes against him, and Huck does not seem inclined to apologise for anything! However regardless of his nature and feelings of superiority it is my belief that Huck does care deeply for Jim, I just hope one day he learns to show it.

Finding myself in my own company – and yet not alone.

Write a paragraph beginning with the sentence “I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born.” (Walden, Chapter 2)

I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born.

How wonderful the world must have seemed to my untainted eyes, their blue not yet turned dark by the ‘teachings’ of the world. My mind questioned all, unbound by the cords that tie the well organised mind down.

The wisdom the world gives is yet another form of opression – my mind feels so heavy with knowledge and yet I feel that I have learned nothing of importance. The questions that hung, so salient in my mind, are yet to be answered. And worse yet, I have stopped asking them.

The connections I made so easily once have become dulled in my mind. That small sensation no longer sparking thought. And worse, in all my newfound knowledge connecting me to the world, I feel alone. No longer do the birds and blades of grass keep my company as they once did. They know this wise man is just a blundering child, destruction and ignorance trailing in his wake.

So I seek to destroy my own mind. I break conncetions so strong, as a child knocking down a sandcastle built wrong. From these ruins I rebuild myself, and once again I will know all I can without the cords of society tying me down- my company shall be kept in those wise insects and well read flowers who may tell me more than I could ever have learnt.