Slutwalk 19k14

Write a response, either agreeing or disagreeing, with Mina Loy’s revolutionary suggestion that women should undergo “unconditional surgical destruction of virginity” 

Mina Loy’s jarring statement “the first enforced law for the female sex, as a protection against the man made bogey of virtue – which is the principal instrument of her subjugation, would be the unconditional surgical destruction of virginity through-out the female population at puberty”, despite being shocking and provoking a near viceral reaction, is a statement which I personally agree with to a lesser degree. Society, even in this day and age, places far too much emphisis on virginity and purity. We as a society need to wake up to the myth of virginity, as people growing up in this age of reletive sexual liberation still believe the the ‘virginity’ is a medical truth, a kind of barrier that must be destroyed at first penetration. The stigma that goes hand in hand with this idea of the virginity as something tangible is almost as disgusting as Loy’s notion of getting rid of virgity at puberty. The perception of women as broken or used because they didn’t retain their useless farce of innocence and purity is a relic of an old society in which women were only valued for their breeding ability. This perception of sexually active women as undesrable gives way to the phenomenon the Loy speaks of; the great conquest that is taking a womans viriginity. To this day men trip over eachother in a rush to try and be the first to claim the ‘pure woman’. She is more desirable than the others, and because of this she is reduced to a prize for only the most masculine to claim. In modern society too many people still view pleasure in sex as a purely male domain, and women’s sexual encounters as trophies for their male counterparts.

In this sense, the destruction of the virginity is vital – it never really existed anyway.