Black and Blue

Write a descriptive contrast of two very contrasting people in your own family.

Nana worked hard every day of her life. She came here from Ecuador, see? So she had to. Nana was poor in Ecuador and she was poorer here. We should be grateful our uncles and dads worked their way up so that we did not have to live their life. Nana has black hair and black eyes and brown skin that creases into laugh lines, but also twists into a permanent frown.

Little Brother is spoilt, but he doesnt know it. Well he does… kind of. He grew up listening to Nana tell of the struggles she had fitting a six person family into a tiny terrace and not having money for food. And he has looked at our house, so big and pretty that the neighbours call it the Dollhouse, and appreciated it. But not really. He has blue hair, Mama’s skin, and so many rings through his lip that Nana flinches when he kisses her cheek.

Nana is a Jehovah’s Witness. Nana hands out flyers with her church. Maybe her English isnt that good, but the word of God can reach anybody.

Little brother is trandgender. He’s gay. An athiest too. He fliches when Nana calls his old name, dripping with femninity.

NiƱetta! Nana calls. She wants him to call her Abuella.

Little brother doesnt know any Spanish. It feels wrong on his lips.

Little brother wants Nana to call him by his new name.

Nana doesnt know any tolerance. It feels wrong on her lips.

I accidentally used the question from Exploring Literature rather than American Literature, however this blog is apt for Week 6 of American Literature (5th blog) as both classes studied the same text.