Summerative Entry: Shakespeare and Rennaissance Literature

Shakespeare and Rennaisance Literature has been the highlight of my semester. From the dramatic betrayals of Antony and Cleopatra to the comical songs of The Tempest I have been enraptured! I’ve been exposed to plays and poems I had not read before! And as to the ones that I had read, I found my opinions and views regarding them changed and swayed by the course. My own writing has matured greatly through this study, and through my blogging.

I have always loved Shakespeare, however this course truely ignited my passion for his works. Furthermore this course has shown me more than I had previously known about the conext of Shakespeare, and the texts that influenced and surrounded him. This has given me a greater understanding of his texts and has helped me understand the man behind them. On a more personal note, this unit has been amazing for me. The blog has been good for my writing, and has given me so much more confident in my writng.

Overall, this has been a rewarding, and interesting time, and I thank all those who shared it with me.


Peer Review #7

A Response to Helena

Helena I thought your description of Ferdinand’s struggle on his sinking ship was beautiful! Your writing is amazing and i’m really looking forward to checking out the rest of your blogs! Your description of the lightning and thunder and the cold of the salt water is extremely evocative. Keep it up!

What is beauty?

Write a paragraph that describes vividly three of things that for you fall in the category of BEAUTY. In other words, say what for you is BEAUTY. (This topic of course relates closely to Shakespeare’s ideas in his sonnet 65).

Beauty is the flush in my love’s face when I touch their hair, the sweet pink that creeps across their cheeks and drowns their little freckles. The heat in their face that makes their eyelids dip, and their heart tap a fast beat against the cage of their chest, a quick thrum I can feel with my fingertips resting gently on the juncture of neck and shoulder.

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Peer Review #6

A Response to Mariah

Mariah I thought your description of beauty was quite lovely. It’s amazing to see beauty in the distict uniqueness if people, and in simplicity. One thing I should tell you though, is that your sentance structure is slightly off through your italicised section. It makes it difficult to read, and ruins the flow of what would otherwise be a lovely passage. If you’re struggling to identify the issues, I would suggest reading it aloud to yourself as I find that the easiest way to identify issues in my own writing. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Peer Review #5

A Response to Lily

Lily, I thought your passage about Hippolyta showed a great understanding of her position; it’s obvious you really know the play! A couple of qualms I have are your overuse of the word “honestly”. Its small but I found it disrupted the flow of your first paragraph. Also make sure when you write your quote from Theseus that you fix up the capital letters so it flows with the rest of the writing! On a happier note I loved your ending. It was funny and speaks to Hippolyta’s quiet wit.

Puck and Bottom: A Comparison

 Write a short exposition of what you see the role and function of Puck to be in the first half of MND. Can you see how his language differs from that of Bottom?

The character of Robin, or Puck, is perhaps one of the best loved of all of Shakespeare’s characters, His particular brand of rude boistrousness, clumsy idiocy, and impish humour is a mix that seems to cement itself in the hearts of all who read A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The character himself, however, is not there simply to jest and play. While he remains a comedic character (even refering to himself as a kind of jester for Oberon) he is pivotal in the turn of the play, both in his physical role, and his role in creating a stable plot that seems both realistic and fantastical.

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Peer Review #4

A Response to Ngaire

Your passage actually helped he understand Bottom’s soliloquy better. I previously hadn’t considered the idea that Shakespeare seeks to portray a sensationalism that can only be experienced through a story, rather than expeirenced oneself. Your explination of the way in which Bottom accentuates the innability of the human senses to comprehend what has happened to him helped me understand the soliloquy better. Thank you!

A Worthy Choice!

You are Bottom. In your own words tell the world what you are like, how you like performing, directing and…. encountering the queen of fairies……

My dear readers, allow me to enchant you with a tale of great fortune! One wherein a man gets all he deserves and yet all he fears. A dramatic tale of love, loss, and passion!
“The name of our hero! What is his name?” I hear you cry. Well, wait no longer, for our star arises, and his name is Bottom.

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