Peer Review 1

A Response to Raina

Hi Raina!

First off, I just want to say I’m realy glad you were so inspired by Cleopatra! I too find her to be an amazing woman and her portrayal in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra has cemented her as one of my favourite female characters in literature. I would have liked, however, for you to go into more detail about why you find her so empowering. I understand you admire that her steadfast approach to her country in the wake of Antony’s unstable emotions but I want to know why she inspires you “as a woman” as you say. I personally find her manipulative side interesting and believe it speaks to her strength in her context and am interested to see if you agree!
One final note; take care with your spelling! Calved/carved was the one i picked out – not that my spelling is perfect!

Looking forward to seeing more from you!


Love is a game and she always wins.

Act 1 scene 3 of Antony Cleopatra dramatizes a couple in the throes of a domestic argument about allegiances. Try to create a short dramatic scene (in the form of a short drama extract) that captures some of the energy that might fly around in a modern version of this scene.

Ahahah…. short….

Cleopatra. Iconic model. Fashion superstar. Social Influencer. Monumentally pissed off. Her shrill screams rang through the halls of her Beverly Hills mansion. She burst through the doors to her bedroom, red faced and sharp eyed, followed closely by her assistant, Alexis, and Charlie, her best friend and ex-lover.  

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